Round chair bean bag may serve you as a additional sitting place, ottoman to stretch your legs when sitting on sofa or even be a table. Enjoy it the way you like. Round chair ben bag may be finished with glass or wooden tray on top by request.


Water resistant fabric suits for outdoor use and will protect your bean bag from poured liquids. Can be used by the pool.


Removable for machine wash outer case. Inside case with safe secured zipper filled in with the styrofoam beans. Water resistant cover for indoor and outdoor use.


Black color with leopard print. Yellow piping. Color codes W05 and W16d.  

Bean bag dimensions: 
55 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm.  0.5 kg.


Available in travel pack without beans for 28 $. 
Bean bag including beans and delivery is 37 $ only.

Black Round chair Bean Bag


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